SSSE Newsletter; 15th Edition


The Swiss Society of Systems Engineering

The SSSE is the Swiss Chapter of INCOSE


Welcome to the 15th edition of the SSSE Newsletter.

In this edition you can read about…

  • The upcoming SSSE evening event on April 4th on MBSE practices at Siemens.
  • SWISSED17: Call for presentations and sponsors of SWISSED17
  • Information about additive manufacturing
  • Systems Engineering Certification
  • The SE round table
  • Upcoming events this year
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The SSSE committee

SSSE Evening EVENT - MBSE Co-Simulation: overview and practices at Siemens

The first SSSE Evening Event 2017 will take place at Siemens Zurich on 4. April 2017. The lecture will explain how to master complexity in the Co-simulation between different simulation tools by following Model Based Systems Engineering processes.

For details and registration have a look at:

SWISSED17: Monday September 4th, Lake Side,  Zürich

The SWISSED17 theme is, Conquering complex conundrums through Systems Engineering education.

Presenters are encouraged to submit presentations relating to both the SWISSED17 Theme and at least one of the following topics: Defense & Aerospace, Safety, Transport, Medical Devices, MBSE and/or Diverse SE topics. Interested presenters in the field of Systems Engineering are encouraged to submit a proposal for a presentation of 30 minutes + 5 minutes questions and answers. Presenters do not need to submit a Paper for SWISSED17, only abstract and presentation.  The submission deadline is the 30th April.

Sponsoring of SWISSED17: There are already companies who took the opportunity to support its marketing activities and becoming sponsors of SWISSED17. A big thank you to the already confirmed sponsors, we are happy to have you on board and we will actively support your marketing activities in 2017. If you are interested becoming a sponsor for SWISSED17, check the sponsorhship opportunities.

Are you aware of an excellent final year thesis related to Systems Engineering?  If yes, encourage the authors to apply for the SWISSED Student prize. Bachelor, Master or PhD theses can be submitted for the student prize competition.

Additive Manufacturing

...or commonly referred to as 3D printing is maturing and subsequently introduced in various industries. Alessandro Busachi's research provides increased understanding and fundamental evidence of additive manufacturing applications in the Defence Support Services (DS2) sector. For the Swiss Society of Systems Engineering, he provided an article on “Modelling Applications of Additive Manufacturing in Defence Support Services”. Enjoy reading on:

Hungry for even more information on additive manufacturing? Consider participating at the NAFEMS event.

Systems Engineering Certification

Attendees at SWISSED17 are invited to take the INCOSE knowledge exam and get one step closer to INCOSE Certification at the ASEP or CSEP level. There is no cost to participate in this INCOSE / SSSE activity. Exam results will be emailed a month later. If you intend to become a certified systems engineer, do not miss this opportunity and register for the exam.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions about the certification process. Or join us at any of the upcoming events and we can discuss your questions in person.

SE Round Table

The round table of systems engineering has been a forum for Systems Engineering enthusiasts for quite a while now. On August 8th 2016, the table of systems engineering has been chartered as a working group of the SSSE. Frauke and Jesko are using MeetUp to coordinate the group meetings. Hope to see you soon at one of the round tables.

Upcoming Events

You can check the planned event of to have an overview about all upcoming events related to the SSSE. We want to bring your attention particularly to the following events:

  • SSSE evening event on April 4th on MBSE practices at Siemens (indicated above)

  • Systems Engineering Bern Roundtable on Monday April 10th

  • Systems Engineering Bern Roundtable on Monday May 10th

  • Nordic Systems Engineering Tour May 15th - 19th

  • South European Systems Engineering Tour May 29th - 31st

  • INCOSE International Symposium July 15th

  • SWISSED17 September 4th

  • INCOSE EMEA Workshop September 19th - 21st

  • SSSE Annual General Meeting and Event at Konplan December 5th

Words of wisdom:

When applying models - be aware: Models have to be interpreted, because they are not reality. When choosing a model, remember: “It is better to be roughly right than precisely wrong”.


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