Swiss Society of Systems Engineering

The Swiss Society of Systems Engineering (SSSE) is a non-profit organisation formed in 2011 by a group of like-minded Engineers, working across a broad range of industries, who share the passion of practicing, advancing and promoting Systems Engineering (SE) principles. SE is fundamentally: "doing engineering better".

We are actively organising informational lectures, seminars and events on various SE topics ranging from "Concurrent Engineering in the Space Industry" to "a Beginner's guide to the SE Handbook" (essentially the reference book for SE, published by INCOSE).  All of our events are free of charge.  See our events page for more information.

The SSSE has also been recognized officially as the Chartered Swiss Chapter of INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering).  See for further details about INCOSE.

The SSSE has strong links with the GfSE (German Chapter of INCOSE).  Members of both organisations have the same membership benefits.  The most significant difference is that GfSE works 99% of the time in German and the SSSE works most of the time in English - even though the SSSE is fortunate to have many multilingual members.

We produce a newsletter on a quarterly basis that summarises recent activities, upcoming events and contains some useful information from our members.  To subscribe to the newsletter please enter your details on the homepage.



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