The Committee

SSSE Committee:

Treasurer Mikael Feriencik
Outreach Romandie  Marc-Andre Chavy-Macdonald
Communications  Martin Oswald
MBSE Initative Pierfelice Ciancia
Events Eugenio Forzani
SWISSED Annette Greil
Past President Sebastian Klabes
President Gregor Schuetz
Programs David Zuend
Secretary Markus Walker
Membership Michael Johnson
Vice President Thomas Hott
Sponsoring Marco Di Maio Marco's

SE Round Table Bern

Working Group

Frauke Regge

Sarah Bostock
Jesko Lamm

SE Round Table Zurich

Working Group

Markus Schacher  


Working Group

Werner Gerritsen  


The SSSE community consists of SE enthusiasts, SE working group participants and INCOSE members. If you would like to participate actively in the community, please get in touch with us.

If you indicate interest, we will inform you about or ongoing activities and you can get actively involved. If you show interest and enthusiasm we will nominate you to become committee member or working group leader.



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