Call for Proposals for Working Sessions on the EMEA Workshop 2019

In 2019 the biennial EMEA Workshop will be held. The workshop will take place on 10-11th October 2019 in Utrecht (The Netherlands).


The INCOSE EMEA WS 2019 is an excellent opportunity for Systems Engineers at all levels and from all backgrounds to engage in working sessions and to contribute with their knowledge and experience to bring the Systems Engineering discipline forward. There will be a possibility to work on different Systems Engineering topics in five parallel sessions of two hours each. A total of twenty sessions are available. Working sessions can have any form that suit the topic and the purpose of the session and the workshop format. Some possibilities are: panel session, presentation and group discussion, workshop, …, etc.


Each working session will be led by two experts. It is intended to have a maximum of one person from the Dutch Chapter and another person from another EMEA chapter to prepare and chair the sessions. Other combinations are, of course, also possible.


The Dutch Chapter is currently discussing and preparing the technical program for the INCOSE EMEA WS 2019. This call serves the purpose of investigating the interest for the working sessions. These sessions could be organized by INCOSE Working Groups or experts from the different chapters.


When you would like to apply for a session, please consider the following planning:


Before 21th April:

  • Inform the program committee about your session proposals

  • Identify the names for the Session Chairs / Co-Chair who will prepare and lead the sessions

  • Formulate the overall questions to be discussed and the charter for the topic


Before 26th of May:

  • Finalize your application with the proposed agenda, required time slots, content & lecturing style as well as required equipment as can be seen in the Application Form.

The Dutch Chapter is looking forward to the application.

Application form:


Available information regarding the workshop will be published soon on

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