COVID-19 impact on certifications and IS2020

  • INCOSE SEP Program

Certification exam eligibility period was extended for any candidate whose date expired at any date in 2020 to the end of the year 2020. This is a result of exam centers not available.

The number of PDU requirements for SEP renewals was lowered from 120 to 90 PDUs for 2020. Likewise, it is allowed SEPs to roll over up to 60 PDUs into 2021. This is based on the current ruling if they earn more than 120 PDUs in their certification period, they can keep up to 30 PDUs and apply them to their next renewal period.

  • GfSE SE-ZERT Program

It is assumed that any certified systems engineer can obtain 10 PDUs by membership, attending webinars, etc. Therefore, GfSE allows for a “Corona-Bonus”

  • Level C: 14 PDUs

  • Level B: 30 PDUs

Total PDUs remain at 120 PDUs. It is allowed to carry over 30 PDUs from the previous renewal period. The Excel file for tracking the PDUs will be updated shortly. There will be a line item “Corona 2020” to enter the PDUs defined above.

  • INCOSE IS2020

INCOSE’s flagship event, the International Symposium 2020 (IS2020) in Cape Town is officially migrated to a virtual event of 3 days in 3 tracks. Please find here more information.

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