Looking for a life-time experience in 2020? Participate in the IS2020 and combine it with your vacations!

After another four years, the INCOSE International Symposium will be held in our EMEA sector. It will be hosted at the southern edge of the sector, in Cape Town. In case you missed the dead line to submit a paper, there is a new opportunity to supply a so-called paperless presentation. This is for practitioner, very much like we know for the presentations for SWISSED. Deadline is 2020-02-16.

Cape Town is not right around the corner, indeed. Nevertheless, it offers a great opportunity for a life time experience. The IS2020 takes place in July, so why not combine it with vacations? Of course, since Cape Town is on the southern hemisphere, July means winter down in the south. Note, the latitude of Cape Town is about 33° S. Africa’s north shore is between 31° and 36° north. Though, the Mediterranean Sea is not the same as the Southern Ocean. Still, from a central European viewpoint, winter in South Africa appears pleasant.

There are many things you can do and experience in South Africa, depending on how much you like to spend in terms of time and money. Giving advises where to go and what to do is tricky. Experience learns that the interests of traveler widely varies. So I just provide some impressions of the two journeys I did.

The first impression is a long haul flight with no jet lag. After leaving the plane you meet friendly and relaxed people. Nice food and drinks keeps you well. Driving through the spectacular landscape is very relaxed despite the big distances and driving on the left side. And of course, go to safari.

The roads in South Africa are generally well maintained. Traffic density is low to very low. We experienced dens traffic in Cape Town only. On the motorway, such as the main axis N1 and N2, you see other vehicles before and behind you. Second class roads, such as R62 are more or less empty to a central European perception. Crossing 10 other vehicles an hour seems normal. More remote places are connected with third class roads such as R365. These are frequently gravel roads. And you may cross less than a hand full other vehicles an hour. Most roads are accessible with a sedan.

Begin of gravel

South Africa offers a wide variety of landscapes. You can experience all, from semi-deserts to tropical regions.

Valley of Desolation

On the Wild Coast

Eating and drinking is of course a matter of taste. We enjoyed eating in a basic restaurant Pier 4 in Mossel Bay. They serve a tasty locally brewed beer. When crossing the boarder to the Northern Cape we were greeted with a sign reading «Welcome to the red meat county». We learned that chicken and fish counts as vegetable. Another highlight was dining in the Gallery Cafe in Prince Albert. Springbok carpacio and kudu stroganoff are dishes that you can expect there.

Fernskloof Merlot

This lead to a topic that you should not miss, going for a safari. You can easily spend a fortune for a safari. Still there is the self-drive opportunity in the many SAN parks (South Africa National park). A self-drive safari in a sedan can result in spectacular sightings, as depicted in the fotos below.

Puff Adder

Male Kudu


Elefants - snap shot from video

Black Rhino

I am happy to answer questions: markus@ssse.ch

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