The number of Systems Engineering Professionals (SEPs) in Switzerland is increasing impressively!

The INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) Certification program started in 2006.  In 2012 the first members of the Suisse chapter received their certifications. The certification has propagated continuously. As of today, we have 50 SEPs in Switzerland and almost 3000 globally. Not included in this number are another handful of certified systems engineer via the SE-ZERT program.

A big boost in the number of SEPs was through the opportunity to take the exam for free at SWISSED17.  We can expect to further increase the number of SEPs since many of the companies based in Switzerland are actively encouraging and supporting SE education and certification.

Most SEPs are based in the USA, where this certification is requested for certain jobs and businesses. When comparing the SEP ratio in populations, Switzerland is now in second position behind Sweden and in front of the USA. Almost 40 % of the Swiss INCOSE members are now certified. This is quite remarkable considering that the INCOSE Suisse chapter has only existed for 6 years,  and is certainly a strong sign of the engineering drive and innovation that is so prominent in the success of many Swiss enterprises.

Please contact the SSSE if you would like more information on gaining SEP certification.  

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