PPI - Systems Engineering For Technology-Based Projects

Course Description

This course addresses systems engineering as it is understood and practiced by leading developer and supplier organizations worldwide. The course commences with broad concepts of a systems approach to the engineering of systems (based on systems thinking) and progressively adds detail. Concepts are introduced through a very simple system, and then re-applied to the engineering of a larger, more complex system. A workshop system is then taken through all process areas. Participants complete the course equipped with an understanding of, and some experience via the substantial workshops in, effective, efficient, actionable methods. The course is strong in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) techniques throughout. Participants achieve significant understanding, from which skill can be developed through application of the methods in the workshops, then in the workplace.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understanding of the principles that are the foundation of systems engineering
  • Understanding of the overall process elements that collectively constitute the building blocks for application of those principles
  • Capability to select between development strategies such as waterfall, incremental, evolutionary and “spiral”, including agile, based on predictable parameters
  • Understanding the fundamental relationships between the process elements and development strategies that allow us to successfully develop an engineering system well-matched to the product/system to be engineered
  • Capability to perform major aspects of systems engineering: requirements capture and validation, and design, including MBSE and trade-off studies
  • Understanding of some of the principles and major techniques of engineering management in a systems project context.
Who Should Attend?

Personnel who perform, manage, control or specify the development of small to large technology-based systems and products, especially for exacting applications or to fixed budgets. The course will be of particular value to people with job titles such as:
  • Business analyst
  • Design engineer
  • Engineering manager
  • Enterprise architect
  • Hardware engineer
  • Industrial engineer
  • Logistics Support Analysis Specialist
  • Military capability developer
  • Product manager
  • Project director
  • Project engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Software systems engineer
  • Systems analyst
  • System architect
  • Systems engineer
  • Other engineering, problem definition, and solution development job titles.

Course Fees
Early Bird and Group: €2,538
Regular: €2,820
Duration: 5 days
Delivered By
Robert Halligan FIE Aust CPEng IntPE (Aus)
Monday, November 29, 2021 - 09:00 to Friday, December 3, 2021 - 17:30
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