Recapitulation of recent Systems Engineering Roundtable in Zurich

A group of systems engineering enthusiasts met on Thursday, February 2st for the second systems engineering round table in Zurich.

Topic of the evening was Value of Systems Engineering. Markus gave a short introduction into the topic and the group elaborated on:

  • the definition of Systems Engineering activities,
  • the value of these activities,
  • and on how much systems engineering effort should you invest into your project (remember the 14.4% from Eric Honour's research).

Next SE round table in Zurich will take place on Thursday, April 19th. The slides are available on request from Markus.

KnowGravity hosted the event and Markus Schacher moderated the session.

About the SE round table

The SE Roundtable Zürich is an informal platform for experience exchange on important topics in the systems engineering domain. Topics could include product line engineering, model-based system engineering, risk analysis, model-based testing, document production, tool integration and many more.

Participation is free, focus is driven by the participants. Join the meetup group to be informed about the upcoming round tables.





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