SE-Training – Basics of Power Grid Operation and Control

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Course Descriptions

Perhaps more than other industries, engineering for energy has become an increasingly complex process with demands for digitalisation and interconnected services and products in increasing. Thus, a fundamental understanding of utitilies applications and energy digitalisation is essential for all systems engineers working in this domain.

The course provides the basics of energy systems, power grid and energy market operation principles, processes, models and trends, hence allowing participants to understand the development of the energy sector in the past years and in the near future. It also allows to understand the reasons and impacts of energy systems architectural changes.

Learning Outcomes

• Know the basics of power systems organisation, roles and their relationships.
• Gain a holistic view of processes in power grids.
• To understand the development scenarios and their impact on the energy system.

Who Should Attend?

• Managers
• Project Managers
• System Operators
• Software Engineers
• Software Architects
• Product Owners

Attendees must have basic training in Systems Engineering (e.g. SE Foundations).

Course Rates

Early Bird: 675 CHF; Regular: 750 CHF


1 day

Delivered By

Dmitri Tchoubraev

Thursday, January 14, 2021 - 08:00
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