SE-Training – Cradle-to-Grave: Equipment Life-Cycle Analysis

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Course Descriptions

This workshop is based on the use of a total cost of ownership model that considers, in the main, the operational life of the equipment and the services that are needed to keep the equipment operational and relevant to the owner/operator of the equipment. The assumption is that around the business’ requirements (or mission) for equipment changes over time and that the technology around the equipment also changes. Using an avatar for the equipment and its cradle-to-grave life-cycle is built up. Within this model issues such as change of ownership are considered with the implications that it then creates.

From the cradle-to-grave equipment life-cycle, you will build up a total cost of an ownership model based on the tasks that the owner/operator has to perform to keep the asset ‘productive’. The tasks or jobs are initially not allocated – the assumption is that they need to be delivered to keep the machine productive. Value propositions will be created for each job and a visual life-cycle created. Form the life-cycle you will then learn more about how you can use the model to maintain a valuable cash flow from the equipment over its total operational life.

Learning Outcomes

• You will be able to build a detailed total cost of ownership model for both new and existing products.
• To be able to create a value proposition that is applicable to all of the jobs that are identified over the cradle-to-grave life-cycle.
• To learn how to use the model on a strategic marketing basis.
• To learn how you can support your firm on a tactical basis.

Who Should Attend?

• Managers and leaders who are responsible for service delivery, service design and after sales.
• Managers and leaders in new product development and business development.

Course Rates

Early Bird Rates: 675 CHF. Regular Rates: 750 CHF


1 day

Delivered By

Shaun West

Monday, January 4, 2021 - 08:00
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