SE-Training – Customer Journey Mapping

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Course Descriptions

Customer journey mapping is a key part of developing and improving the customer experience, which is critical to long-term sustainable business relationships. The mapping process provides deep and actionable insights in to the customers touchpoints, which with digital services are becoming ever more critical and complex to manage in our multi-channel world. The process moves behind the rational swim-laning approach to process management, including emotional aspects.

The customer/user is the focus of the process, providing the opportunity to then understand how support services help (or otherwise) the customer to achieve the outcomes that are important to them.

The customer journey map allows you to see the world as your customer experiences the world. We will map out a customer journey starting and ending outside of the normal boundaries of the supplier. You will discover what delights your customers and learn why it delights your customers. You will find areas that add no value – only cost – and should be removed; you will learn the value of service recovery and how turning a bad experience into a good one delights your customer;
you will find areas where your staff need more empowerment to provide better customer experiences.

Learning Outcomes

• To be able to understand and recreate the customer’s end-to-end journey.

• To find tasks that add no value to your customers or your businesses.

• To understand how to integrate multi-channel/multi-point of contacts into a coherent customer journey.

• To be able to learn how empowerment of your staff can improve the

Who Should Attend?

Managers and leaders who are responsible for service delivery, service design and after sales.

Course Rates

Early Bird Rates: 675 CHF. Regular Rates: 750 CHF


1 day

Delivered By

Shaun West


Monday, June 7, 2021 - 08:00
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