SE-Training – Design Thinking and Lean Innovation Advanced

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Course Descriptions

Design Thinking and Lean Innovation are easy to understand concepts, however with the practice more questions arises. In this advanced workshop we dig deeper and learn additional tools and methods (like business ecosystem design), reflect the practical experiences and challenges of the participants and how to overcome them.

In addition to combining Design Thinking and Systems Thinking, we learn how to make a deep dive into designing a business ecosystem, creating stakeholder maps and have a look into the hybrid model (combining Design Thinking and Big Data Analytics).

The workshop will also focus in the challenge of implementing Design Thinking in your organisation.

Learning Outcomes

• Discuss challenges happened in facilitating groups and managing design thinking / Lean Innovation projects. Define ways to overcome those challenges.
• Solve practical challenges
• Understand the challenges in implementing Design Thinking in your organisation
• Learn how to design a business ecosystem using a Minimum Viable Ecosystem (MVE)-approach
• Create a stakeholder map of your organisation and define a strategy “how to take it home”
• Combine Big Data Analytics and Design Thinking to a hybrid management model
• What is the mind-set? And how to create this mindset?
• Reflect and transfer the learnings into your daily business and own projects

Who Should Attend?

The participants should have some practical experience with Design Thinking and/or Lean Start-up or Lean Innovation and bring their own challenges into the course. During the course we reflect on the experiences of the user and elaborate together possible solutions to solve those challenges.

• Managers and engineers who would like to enrich their problem solving competences with user-centric and agile approaches
• Managers who are looking for ways to create radical innovations
• Managers who would drive the digital transformation in their area
• Anyone who is responsible to create new products, services, business models and would like to integrate design oriented methods

Course Rates

Early Bird: 1,350 CHF; Regular: 1,500 CHF


2 days

Delivered By

Patrick Link
Michael Lewrick


Monday, November 8, 2021 - 08:00 to Tuesday, November 9, 2021 - 17:00
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