SE-Training – Power System Operations IT Systems (DSO and TSO)

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Course Descriptions

Perhaps more than other industries, engineering for energy has become an increasingly complex process with demands for digitalisation and interconnected services and products in increasing. Thus, a fundamental understanding of utitilies applications and energy digitalisation is essential for all systems engineers working in this domain.

The course provides the overview of the applications, used by power utilities (both transmission system operators – TSO, and distribution system operators – DSO). It also shows the basics of data acquisition, communication and control for electrical grids SCADA systems, and gives an overview of the main telecommunication and modelling standards.

Learning Outcomes

• Know common architectures.
• Understand the application environment of a power grid operator (TSO and DSO).
• Know the tasks and interaction of individual applications of grid and market operations.
• Know the tasks of network operation SCADA/EMS/DMS systems and corresponding solution approaches.
• Know the tasks of frequency and load control systems.
• Understand the most important solution-based approaches and challenges for individual application categories.
• Understand the role of service-based architecture and enterprise integration for the IT systems of the future.
• Understand the role of cybersecurity for the IT/OT applications.

Who Should Attend?

• Project Managers
• System Operators
• Software Engineers
• Product Owners

Attendees must have basic training in Systems Engineering (e.g. SE Foundations).

Course Rates

Early Bird: 675 CHF; Regular: 750 CHF


1 day

Delivered By

Dmitri Tchoubraev


Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 08:00
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