SE-Training - A Systemic and Systematic Methodology for Solving Complex Problems

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Course Descriptions

This course focuses on systems engineering as a systemic and systematic methodology for solving complex problems. The course discusses thinking, systems thinking as a way of understanding a situation and the benefits of going beyond systems thinking to determine the problem and solution. The course applies systems thinking to systems engineering, provides the participants with a number of conceptual tools, looks at systems and their properties and then goes through each state of the system lifecycle discussing what systems engineers do in each state and how they do it; identifying the types of problems faced by systems engineering in each state, and the tools and methodologies available for the systems engineer to use in each state.

Learning Outcomes

• Understand the reasons for the different definitions of the term “system”, and the various viewpoints on systems engineering.
• Be able to identify the various types of problems faced by systems engineers in different States of the System Development Process (SDP).
• Be able to identify an appropriate tool or methodology to solve the problem.
• Be able to solve the problem.
• Understand the need for systems engineers with different competencies, skills and knowledge in different parts of the SDP.
• Understand that there isn’t always a single “right” solution to a problem.
• Have improved systems and critical thinking abilities. Be better than average systems engineers for their level of experience.

Who Should Attend?

• Problem-solvers faced with complex problems.
• Engineers and engineering managers.
• Systems engineers who want to improve their systems engineering skills.

Course Rates

Early Bird Rates: 2,700 CHF. Regular Rates: 3,000 CHF


4 days

Delivered By

Joe Kasser

Tuesday, March 3, 2020 - 08:00 to Friday, March 6, 2020 - 17:00
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