SSSE Event at swissgrid at 27. March 2013

About 20 engineers met at swissgrid facility in Laufenburg to listen to the presentations by Dmitri Tchoubraev. Dmitri gave two brilliant presentations and led the group to the control center of swissgrid.

In his initial presentation, Dimitri presented the past, how swissgrid came into its today’s position. Swissgrid evolved from a small power plant conveniently located at the river Rhine to a major control center that operated the high voltage network in Switzerland and monitors its frequency with the target to keep it within some single percent of its nominal value of 50 Hz (Have a look here for the current frequency).

Why 50 Hz? This happened more or less by accident, but is now binding for continental Europe. Dmitri explained how the high voltage network grew from the initial so-called Star of Laufenburg to the today’s network spanning over continental Europe.
Despite swissgrid being a Swiss company, it earned an IEEE milestone award for its lead in building the European network and its participation in the related standardization working groups.

The visit in the control center showed an impressive view to the permanent (24 h a day, each day) monitoring of electric energy flows in the high voltage network in and adjacent to Switzerland.

In the second presentation, Dmitri displayed the challenges they faced after the political decision to centralize the operation of the high power network of Switzerland at swissgrid. They had to re-organize the running system. New IT infrastructure had to be built that permitted a seamless transition from the old to the new operation of the high voltage network. The whole project was permitted to last only a single year, with no shifting of deadline. Dmitri gave insight to a really complex system, difficult stakeholder management and not less difficult architecting tasks.

Thank you to swissgrid and Dmitri Tchoubraev for the hospitality and the insight into a complex business. And of course, we enjoyed the sandwiches and wine!


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