Feedback from INCOSE IS 2013

The 23rd annual INCOSE International Symposium in Philadelphia - A view from SSSE member, Dr. Sebastian Klabes:

This year’s International Symposium took place in Philadelphia. The six days event provided an excellent opportunity to meet the Systems Engineering community in the motherland of INCOSE.

The professional organisation by the symposium project team ensured that the international audience was able to gather and discuss several hot topics: Systems Thinking, Model Based Systems Engineering, Requirements Engineering - just to name a few.

The open plenary started with Stephen Welby, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for Systems Engineering. He marked out the challenges of delivering products with increasing complexity on shortened time-lines. The key note talks given by Professor Brian S.Collins and Dianne D. Anderson illustrated the Systems Engineering challenges in various domains of applications. During the closing plenary, John Radar emphasised on the necessity of combining Systems Engineering and program management techniques for successful project execution. His talk did not concentrate on the necessary processes but rather on the leadership skills in order to inspire people executing the project.

As well as the academic analysis of current and new Systems Engineering techniques, the International Symposium proved to be an ideal platform to share experience and to establish best practices in Systems Engineering. A great opportunity not only to hear about what you should do in order to apply Systems Engineering techniques successfully but on how to introduce it into organisations - a topic that is hard to convey via text books.

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