Successful Application of SE Presented at QIAGEN Event

Stefan Eisenring and David Clerk presented how the structured and auditable approach of systems engineering provides benefit for QIAGEN. Following the processes described in ISO/IEC 15288:2008 and further outlined in the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook results in successful certification of products developed by QIAGEN.

12 engineers followed the invitation to see how SE is applied in a company of the medical industries. An interdisciplinary and audible approach is in the medical industries crucial to pass successful the validation by regulatory bodies. Only certified products can enter the market and hence be sold.

After the presentation, Stefan and David lead us to the labs of QIAGEN and explained how they verify their products.

David presents verification infrastructure at QIAGEN.

Participating in loading the machine for a verification run.

Daivid point to a detail relevant for verification.

After the great presentation and site-tour, QIAGEN offered a very nice apero. This provided another opportunity for discussing the presentation and getting into contact with engineers of a variety of industries.

A warm thank goes to Stefan and David for the presentation and to QIAGEN to host the event and offering the apero.

The presentation slides are available here (6.4 MB)

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