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SWISSED2014 Programme announcements

Please see the attached Pdf or go to the link below to view the latest development of the SWISSED2014 Programme which includes:

  • Schedule of lectures and breaks
  • Names of allocated presenters and thier subjects for both lectures and workshops

The Early-bird price discount ends on June 30th.


Student Prize announced

The first student prize of the Swiss Society of Systems Engineering has been announced. For more details have a look at this page.

The SSSE continuously collaborating

The SSSE continues to form collaborations with other Engineering Societies across Switzerland, opening up opportunities for like-minded Engineers to exchange ideas and learn more about each others professions and industries. 

Most recently, members of the IMechE, the IET and the IEEE based in Switzerland have attended SSSE events and several have already expressed an interest to be involved in SWISSED on the 1st September 2014 (see attached flier).  For more information about participating in SWISSED please email SWISSED@SSSE.CH

Successsful SR Technics event enjoyed by all

About 35 Engineers from across Switzerland attended the SSSE's site tour and lecture hosted by SR Technics.

The presentation was given by Mrs Ruxandra Müller who is Head of the Office of Airworthiness.  She gave an impressive overview of the complexity of work at SR Technics. Thus reminding all us attending just how valuable the tools and methodologies of Systems Engineering are needed to manage complexity.

EMEASEC 2014 Information Brochure Issue 1_20140316.pdf

See attachment for the latest information on this year's EMEA Sector conference.


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