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Successful Application of SE Presented at QIAGEN Event

Stefan Eisenring and David Clerk presented how the structured and auditable approach of systems engineering provides benefit for QIAGEN. Following the processes described in ISO/IEC 15288:2008 and further outlined in the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook results in successful certification of products developed by QIAGEN.

EMEASEC 2014 Newsletter

EMEASEC 2014 is the first Sector conference outside Europe and the premier conference of systems engineering and related disciplines in the Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) Sector. The conference gives industry, organizations, educators, researchers, and government the opportunity to showcase cutting edge practice and research.

EMEASEC 2014 will be presented at the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset-West, Western Cape, South Africa from 27 - 30 October 2014 with a number of ancillary events included.

Read more about EMEASEC in the attached Newsletter.

New Systems Engineering Guide by MITRE

Registration now open for German TdSE convention

As every year in early November, the German INCOSE chapter GfSE organized their convention TdSE (Tag des Systems Engineering). Despite its name, the convention lasts for three days from 6. to 8. November 2013. It starts with a tutorial day preceded by two days with presentation of papers about a variety of topics in up to four tracks. This year’s convention will take place in Stuttgart.

In an additional track, systems engineering students will present their work, competing for the study award by GfSE.

New Flyer for the SSSE

If you would like to make some publicity for the Swiss Society of Systems Engineering you can now download our brand new flyer. Just print it out, fold it two times and give it to the persons interested in Systems Engineering!


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