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Two succssful events: METAS and Swiss Requirements Night

On September 4th, two different events took place:

In the afternoon, we visited the Federal Institute of Metrology METAS in Berne. We learned a lot about how the basic units of measurement were realised and disseminated in Switzerland. You can read more in our next newsletter.

Leadership Skills for Systems Engineers Tutorial Webinar

INCOSE runs a very interesting webinar series since April 2013. This webinar on leadership skills is most probably of interest of any advanced systems engineer. The topics ranges from communication issues over conflict management to decission making.

The presenter, Zane Scott, is able to provide the information in a comprehensive way. I always enjoy his presentations.

For more details, please see here:

FAS Working Group with a publication in the INCOSE SE journal

FAS Working Group with a publication in the INCOSE SE journal

Feedback from INCOSE IS 2013

The 23rd annual INCOSE International Symposium in Philadelphia - A view from SSSE member, Dr. Sebastian Klabes:

This year’s International Symposium took place in Philadelphia. The six days event provided an excellent opportunity to meet the Systems Engineering community in the motherland of INCOSE.

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The SSSE is proud to announce an additional three lectures + one site tour to this year's already impressive calendar of events! 


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