SWISSED17 Student Prize

SWISSED Student Prize Procedure:

This document defines the procedure for the student prize nomination for SWISSED17.


The student prize shall honour and promote visibility of students’ final year thesis in the domain of systems engineering.


The author(s) and the final year thesis must satisfy the following conditions to be eligible for the prize:

  • Every nominee must be a student (ETH/University/FH) on the first of January in the year of application/nomination.   

  • Any co-author(s) not nominated for the award should send a letter indicating that the majority of the nominated work was performed by the nominee(s).

  • The final year thesis must be submitted as Bachelor, Master or PhD thesis. This submission must be certified by a letter of the supervising professor.

  • The topic of the final year thesis must belong to the field of systems engineering in its broadest sense.

  • The prize may be awarded once in a lifetime to any individual.

Optional: Pre-Qualification Process (New)

Students reported that the nomination deadline causes stress since it comes at the same time when they finalise their thesis. The additional stress is only worth it, if you have good chances for winning. Therefore we propose students to hand in a document (one A4 page) summarizing the aim of the final year thesis for pre-qualification. This paper can be submitted electronically to the Student Prize Committee by email to [] before June 30, 2017. The Student Prize Committee will then give feedback on pre-qualification until July 31, 2017 to the student.

Nomination Process

Nominations should be submitted electronically to the Student Prize Committee by email to [] on or before August 26, 2017.

The submission must include:

  • A document (two pages) summarizing the final year thesis (pdf file).

  • A short letter indicating, that these two pages can be published on

  • The actual printing version of the final year thesis, with black marks for those sections, which can not be made available to the student prize committee due to confidentiality reasons.  

  • A letter written and signed by the supervising professor indicating that:

    • the nominee is a student on the first of January in the year of application/nomination.

    • the final year thesis has been or will be submitted as Bachelor or Master thesis.

Review Process

Once received, the submission will be reviewed by the student prize committee. The Student Prize Committee members are: Stefan Aeschbacher (PostAuto), Dennis Landmann (BeOne), Anne Bruseberg (Ergonomen), Philippe Henneau(Schindler), Markus Walker (Schindler), Antonio Casciello (RUAG), Sebastian Klabes (Siemens) and Mike Johnson (Roche).

The winner is invited to present his thesis at one of the seminary events of SSSE in agreement with the committee, his supervisor and the company issuing the topic.

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