SSSE launches the shop platform to manage registrations to SWISSED, SELECTED events and donations. To access the shop and the available offers follow the link.


The shop is a sponsored solution from our web hosting provider. The advantages are the direct connection to our accounting system and the usual structure of an e-commerce platform: products are indicated by icons and users book them by a profile. It is a secured access and does not involve financial intermediaries. 
Payments must be executed separately with your bank account following the invoice details of the bill.  
In future you need your profile credentials to register, access and manage your bookings.
The accounting platform displays unfortunately some functionalities for web hosting business that you do not need, we apologize.
For reference, we describe the following relevant functions only:

Booking a product and registering your profile the first time

Open the shop in our browser: 

If you are new, select the Welcome or any other product you wish to book and you will access the dedicated shopping page:
As a new customer you have to fill the “Register” form first and then do the Checkout in the “Shopping Cart”.

Booking a product with your registered profile

After selecting product you wish to book, you will access the dedicated shopping page:
As an existing customer you have to “Sign In” first by filling your Email and Password. Then do the Checkout in the “Shopping Cart”

Booking with promotion code

In case a product admits promotions and reductions in the "Shopping Cart" a field “Active promotions” appears and let you insert the coupon code. Push the Apply Promotion button before the Checkout.

Shopping Cart Checkout

Once you activated the Checkout in the “Shopping Cart” you can review the order details.
Finalize the order by pressing Place Order and you will receive a Confirmation.
It is suggested that you print the page for future references. 
A confirmation email is also sent to you by the platform. In the case that a payment is required, a bill is included in a separate email with the coordinates for bank transfer.
For more details, click the Manage Your Subscription button and you will access your account. 
In case of need you can download the invoices anytime from your account under “Billing History”, see the dedicate section hereafter. 

Accessing your profile and the bookings

Access your account over the Go to Control Panel button on the top right. An access window opens:
You can Sign in with e-mail and password and will be redirect to your personal account:
In the top of the window you can scroll, select and fast access your Subscriptions.
In the "Home" you access also the fundamental functions:
- Buy more services
- Billing history
- Subscriptions
In the "Account" there is a full overview but you need only the sections:
- Store: Buy more services
- Billing Management: Billing history
- Account Management
- Subscriptions
In the "Billing History" you can print and download pdf of your invoices.
When finished please Logout.

Mass mail notifications

Mass mails are used by the organizers to inform participants only in case of need of important communications about the event, location, changes, etc. Please make sure you have this function activated !
Once you entered your profile, open the Account and select the Notification Settings. Edit and accept the mass mail notifications.

Payments by bank transfer

In case SSSE services require payments, please use for the bank transfer the information you find in the pdf invoice or in the email billing:
- SSSE bank account IBAN
- Your Order ID
REMARK: in case of bank transfer from outside Switzerland please consider using SEPA for reduced bank transaction costs. 


In case of need, please do not hesitate to contact us in the shop.

Thank You

We thank you for using the platform. It helps us in processing your registrations and concentrating on the core business of SSSE: delivering to you best contents in Systems Engineering!
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