What is INCOSE

The International Council for Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is a not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1990 to develop and disseminate the interdisciplinary principles and practices that enable the realization of successful systems.

As of December 2017 INCOSE had nearly 17,000 members across the World.  All members share the following Mission, Vision and Goals:

INCOSE shall foster the definition, understanding, and practice of World Class Systems Engineering in industry, academia and government.


  • To provide a focal point for dissemination of systems engineering knowledge.
  • To promote collaboration in systems engineering education and research.
  • To assure the establishment of professional standards for integrity in the practice of systems engineering.
  • To improve the professional status of all persons engaged in the practice of systems engineering.
  • To encourage governmental and industrial support for research and educational programs that will improve the systems engineering process and its practice.

The SSSE adopts the Mission and Goals from INCOSE without modifcation. Our annual chapter plans define the strategic and operational initiatives.

If you are a member of the SSSE, you will be able to review the annual chapter plans and to bring in your modifications/corrections. The invitation for review of the chapter plan comes with the invitation for the annual chapter elections.

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