Stream 2 16:20 – 16:40

Team of Teams
Ivo Locher, Andy Tonazzi

Collaboration of Development Teams - Where Project Management and Systems Engineering meet!

Today’s product development becomes more and more complex due to the necessity of involving many disciplines. Traditionally, having mechanical, electronics and software expertise was sufficient to realize a successful project. Nowadays, fast evolving technologies such as in connectivity, in security and in artificial intelligence demand for additional expertise. As a result, a typical development setup consists of many teams provided by different partners. Building an effective overall team spirit may be the biggest challenge in such a project, rather than technical issues.
konplan’s presentation will point out some of these common challenges and potential approaches how to overcome them in a summary. Missing roles and common gaps are presented as lessons learned from many different projects. Eventually, an agile setup implemented in the right way can contribute to the successful organization of a team of teams.

Ivo Locher
Ivo Locher Konplan

Dr. Ivo Locher graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Wearable Computing Lab of the ETH Zurich in 2006. Currently, he is program manager at konplan ag and he is expert for systems engineering. In his role, he manages development projects on the technical and on the management side in transforming ideas into market-ready products . In his career, Ivo has successfully led several medical device development projects, starting from requirements engineering up to market clearance.

Andy Tonazzi
Andy Tonazzi Konplan

Andy Tonazzi has over 20 years of management experience in a variety of professional services organizations. After a basic technical and scientific education, he continued his training in leadership and management. In 2009, Andy Tonazzi took over the sales management of konplan in Switzerland, an engineering services company with a focus on mechatronics and medical technology. He was appointed CEO in 2010 and successfully completed a management buyout in 2012. Since then, he and his team have developed the konplan Group into a well-positioned player in the European engineering market for medical devices and mechatronic systems with over 130 highly qualified employees at five locations in Switzerland, Germany and Ukraine. He is passionate about improving people's quality of life and building successful teams.