Stream 3 11:20 – 11:40

Simon Hofmann, Klaus Mai

Collaborative MBSE – Introduction of a Requirements and Verification Tool at Belimo

Digitalization and increasing product complexity are trends that also impact many mid-tier companies. The Belimo Automation AG is one of them. This aspect, besides others, motivated Belimo to start their own Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) journey. Like in many other companies the introduction of MBSE is also forcing Belimo towards changes of processes, methods, and tools.

Therefore, one part of Belimo’s journey was the evaluation and introduction of a new requirements and verification tool. This part of the journey has a special focus on the collaboration across different teams, why for the evaluation a team of teams was set up to find the best solution for all stakeholders. As a mid-tier company, the needs and constraints for the introduction of a new tool differ partially from those of large companies.
The presentation will give an overview of the experiences Belimo made so far during their MBSE journey, focusing on the roll-out of a new tool for requirements and verification.
The two main topics of the presentation will be the general role of requirements engineering and verification as part of an MBSE introduction and to give an overview on challenges of the evaluation and introduction phase at Belimo.

Simon Hofmann
Simon Hofmann Belimo Automation AG

Simon Hofmann has studied Biomedical Engineering and worked for 10 years in the field of Medtech as electronics developer and systems engineer.
Over the last three years in Belimo he has worked on the introduction of Systems Engineering methods and on the introduction of an MBSE toolchain.

Klaus Mai
Klaus Mai :em engineering methods AG

Klaus Mai did his master degree in Computational Engineering at the Technical University in Darmstadt in 2013. After his master degree, he started as a CAD Consultant at :em engineering methods AG.
For four years he is now working as Teamleader for Systemmodeling, -simulation and -integration at :em engineering methods AG.