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David Endler

Decoding Complexity: Beyond Technology’s Challenges

In the realm of technological development, complexity is not solely defined by technical challenges. This keynote presentation delves into the multifaceted nature of complexity, highlighting the often-overlooked factors beyond technology. Cultural, organizational, and interpersonal conflicts can significantly impact project outcomes. By emphasizing the human dimension, this talk aims to broaden the audience's understanding of complexity. Key messages include the importance of early conflict identification, fostering an integrative culture, and effective complexity management through structured approaches and adaptability. The presentation encourages collaboration across disciplines, promoting a holistic perspective that encompasses technical, cultural, and organizational aspects. Attendees will gain insights into the critical role of leadership, the significance of learning from experiences, and the need to address complexities beyond the technical challenges. Join this keynote that unravels the layers of complexity and unlock innovative solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of technological development.

David Endler
David Endler Independent SSSE

Dr. David Endler is a passionate individual dedicated to making a difference in the world. As a certified Systems Engineer (INCOSE ESEP and SE-ZERT® Level A), he supports various customers to create innovative solutions that positively impact society. Known for his contributions to ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 and the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook v5, David is committed to continuous learning and growth. He believes in the power of collaboration and aims to inspire others to reach their full potential. Through his work as a trainer and coach, David seeks to leave a lasting legacy and contribute to a better tomorrow.