Stream 2 10:30 – 10:50

Martin Hoppe

How to survive teamwork in MBSE? - An example from a large scale project

Managing teams (> 100 members) is a challenge in itself, especially if a MBSE approach is used. You have to define what a team is and how it shall behave. Distinguishing between ownership and responsibility of/for information in model is essential.
A set of roles needs to be established and implemented in both the organization and tools you are using. Last but not least a process police is required to control and guide the teams.
The presentation gives you an insight how this was done in an international large scale project distributed on 3 continents and 7 different locations.

Martin Hoppe
Martin Hoppe Intis

Martin Hoppe has been working in naval shipbuilding as a certified systems engineer in international project teams for more than 25 years. His responsibilities included the adaptation of the SE process model to the respective customer requirements, the development and support of a self-developed MBSE tool within the scope of the various projects and the training of the project team members in the application of the process and the tool.
He is currently working at INTIS GmbH as a systems engineer in the field of developing inductive charging systems for electromobility.