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System of Systems
Carlo Leardi

Ithaka, the marvelous journey through a system life-cycle

In my professional path in packaging industry, I could and I am still experiencing systems full life-cycle.
The proposed presentation proposes one specific system's life-cycle through its:
Teams, extended and external teams: compositions and attitude
The challenges, the risks and opportunities
The corresponding uncertainties
The system boundaries and with relationships with SOS
The methodologies, tools and technologies introduced, specialized and challenged.

The high level inspiration for this journey comes from the poem Ithaka of Kostantino Kavafis.

Carlo Leardi
Carlo Leardi AISE - Tetra Pak

Carlo Leardi, graduated in electronic engineering in Genova Italy.
His professional background starts with quality assurance responsibility evolving in the last years to full verification,
validation and testing commitment within complex systems development deployment projects in the
following areas: automotive, freight railways and packaging industry. As a passion before and today as a
full job, he is dealing with Quantitative Systems Engineering on a day-to-day application and coaching of a
full range of statistical and simulation methodologies supporting the decisional process. He published several
articles in Engineering and Systems Engineering journals. He is certified CSEP, one of the founders and past President
of the INCOSE Italian Chapter and founder of AISE, the Italian association of Systems Engineering. He taught at the Systems Engineering Master, ForteMare and Strategos. He is serving the Incose Italian Chapter as director of events and coordinator of the Verification, Validation and Operation working group.