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Michael Johnson

Overcoming challenges to effectively implement Systems Engineering

Each and every organization developing and maintaining technically complex systems, has a strong inherent need for applying Systems Engineering. Effective implementations are always unique, as there are challenging and often dynamic needs and constraints shaping the Systems Engineering solution.

Systems Engineering’s origin from the Aerospace and Defense Industries can be effectively utilized to bridge effective implementation into many other industries, most notably within highly regulated industries.

The presentation addresses why we must firstly understand where Systems Engineering has come from, to enable the identification of the obstacles that must be overcome for effective implementations.

Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson SE-Training GmbH

Mike is a Systems Engineering Manager, Consultant, Trainer and Coach with extensive experience in delivering complex systems and establishing Systems Engineering in the Defence, Space and Medical sectors.
Experience includes:​
- Established Systems Engineering in the Molecular Division of Roche Diagnostics​ and led many Organisational Systems Engineering initiatives
- Head of Systems Engineering, RUAG Space ​
- Systems Engineer for the CaSSIS Telescope, orbiting Mars since 2017
- Systems Engineer for Thales Optronics, UK
- MSc in Optics and Optoelectronics, The University of St Andrews