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Team of Teams
Marco Serra

(Small) Team of (Small) Teams - Lessons Learned Over Time

When thinking about teams of teams, mostly we think of large systems and large teams. Much of the business world, however, is made up of small entities and correspondingly small teams. Although many of the same general principles apply in setting up and managing teams of different sizes, there are some key aspects that are critical when working with small, highly dynamic teams operating on technically challenging projects. In this presentation, we share the experiences and lessons learned over the years - what has been challenging and what has worked well - in the development of a simulation tool for the resolution of fluid and structural dynamic response in oil well perforation by a small, highly specialized team of teams.

Marco Serra
Marco Serra Engenya GmbH

Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Pretoria, South Africa (1993).

Master’s Degree in Engineering and Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA (2002). Focus on Systems Architecture, Systems Engineering, System and Project Management. Thesis: Evolving the Product Development Process.

Thirty years of experience in modelling and simulation of engineering systems, structural and fluid mechanics, technology development and expert witness support. Independent consultant since 2003 working in the aerospace, defence, automotive, and oil & gas industries.