Stream 3 16:50 – 17:10

System of Systems
Colin Hood, Chandrasekar Krishnamurthy

Adapt to Prosper

Electrification in the automotive industry brings advantages and challenges. The move from complicated products to complex interconnected systems demands changes to the organisation structures.

How would an engineering departmental manager feel, when teams are formed that cross organisation departmental boundaries? Who is in charge? There might be challenges outside of managers areas of expertise?

Understanding the need to successfully harness the effects of interactions and interdependencies between system elements, and between a system and a changeable environment leads to organisational change.
Supporting people to work together with common aims and to be responsible for product level success has shown great benefits.

The role of systems engineering at BorgWarner has never been more important than now.

Colin Hood
Colin Hood BorgWarner

Colin Hood, BORGWARNER Technical Fellow, has worked in Engineering since 1977 and as a System Engineer since 1985. Based on his engineering Draughtsman skills, since the 1980’s Colin created and uses modelling techniques that are today known as Model Based Systems Engineering, and created and coaches development techniques based on work by people such as Dr. Winston Royce that people consider to be Agile. Colin conceived and financed the creation of ReqIF to help the Systems Engineering community collaborate more easily. Colin leads cultural change programmes for groups and organisations to achieve Organisational Change and improvements in Systems Engineering performance.

Chandrasekar Krishnamurthy BorgWarner

Director of Engineering, ePropulsion Systems BorgWarner Inc.

- Leading a global team of 1700 engineers across 13 locations in Americas, EMEA and Asia

- Global competency leader for Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Engineering Excellence, Functional Safety and Cybersecurity