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Team of Teams
Thomas Halama, David Endler, Rüdiger Kaffenberg, Jürgen Rambo, Alexander Busch

Teamwork demonstrated at the example of the German Translation of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook version 5

The INCOSE SE Handbook was published in July 2023.
In December 2022, a team of volunteers from GfSE and SSSE started to work on the German translation.
This presentation will demonstrate a best practice example for teamwork. Having 5 translators on different locations, with different backgrounds, but focusing on a common goal – the publication of the German version shortly after the English one. The presentation will focus on the process, the achievements, but also on the challenges the team was facing during the translation work and how the goal was reached.
The team decided to start early, knowing that the English version is not completely finished with changes still being made. Thus, the work had to be planned and tailored into work packages, respectively section. Every section was translated, reviewed, and commented by 3 translators at least. These reviews were done concurrently, while tracking and traceability was maintained. Some work packages were assigned to external support. This work and its progress was tracked, too.
Overall, within the translation work itself, the team applied SE processes and activities which are elaborated in the Handbook. For example, the Project Assessment and Control process to keep on tracking the progress and the status, Quality Assurance to assure the work is done properly, Information Management on how to keep everyone up to date.

  • Rüdiger Kaffenberg
  • Jürgen Rambo
  • Alexander Busch
Thomas Halama
Thomas Halama SSSE

Thomas Halama, GfSE SE-ZERT® Level B, is a mechanical engineer and has been working in the field of design, modeling and simulation for more than 20 years, with a focus on the Finite Element Method (FEM). He holds a degree from the university of applied sciences in Rapperswil, with a postgraduate MAS in Business Administration and Engineering. Today he's a Lead Engineer for Validation Technologies in the CTO Division at Schindler Elevator. He’s a member of SSSE and the only member of the translation team from Switzerland.

David Endler
David Endler Independent SSSE

Dr. David Endler is a passionate individual dedicated to making a difference in the world. As a certified Systems Engineer (INCOSE ESEP and SE-ZERT® Level A), he supports various customers to create innovative solutions that positively impact society. Known for his contributions to ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 and the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook v5, David is committed to continuous learning and growth. He believes in the power of collaboration and aims to inspire others to reach their full potential. Through his work as a trainer and coach, David seeks to leave a lasting legacy and contribute to a better tomorrow.