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System of Systems
Edita Mileviciene

Managing System of Systems Risks: Capability Planning with UAF

With the increasing complexity of enterprises and systems of systems, many companies face challenges in meeting project deadlines. Although Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approaches are widely employed in systems engineering, there is often a disconnect between systems engineering and enterprise/systems of systems architectures. As MBSE is more and more often utilized in enterprise architecture, systems of systems architecture, and mission planning, a new integrated approach is necessary to combine capabilities planning with ongoing projects and resource architecture. This integration is crucial to prevent capability gaps and ensure smooth deployment of capabilities. However, there are not many practices showing how to utilize MBSE in capability planning and deployment. An Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) provides means to define the overall system of systems architecture, incorporating capabilities and project planning. This presentation shows how MBSE can help organizations plan capability deployments more effectively, taking into account projects milestones and required resources such as systems, people, and technologies.

Edita Mileviciene
Edita Mileviciene Dassault Systemes

Industry process senior specialist with Dassault Systemes and has been working with model-based solutions since 2002. Educates clients and helps them to deploy modeling solutions based on SysML, UML, UAF and BPMN standards. Provides trainings, gives tool demonstrations, and participates in providing custom solutions for companies like BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Schindler, John Deere, Claas, ZF, IAV, Airbus, Kongsberg, Brose. Speaker at multiple MBSE conferences and other public events. Holds a Master degree in Information Systems Engineering from Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania). INCOSE Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP), OMG® Certified Systems (OCSMP), Business (OCEB) and UML (OCUP) Modeling Professional.