Stream 2 11:50 – 12:10

REQ Mgmt
Jan Jancar, Andreas Mettauer

Reuse of Requirements in Product Development

Requirements are the starting point of each development, and requirements management is one of the main success factors of a project.

The world is however getting not only more and more complex, but the users require customized products which are adjusted to their specific needs. This is ranging from color, functionality, quality of material up to the country specific regulations and project specific variations.

The main topic of the presentation is to show different methods & techniques we use with our customers to achieve high level of reuse and thus decrease the project time & cost.

Some of the techniques we will touch on are:

  • Central repository of requirements and their reuse in different products & project   
  • Reuse of the project data in another project via branching 
  • Reuse of different variants of regulations
  • Parametrization of the requirements on the project, requirements and parameter level
  • Reuse of whole system blocks in specific products 
  • Reuse of the whole V model elements etc.

IBM Business Partner Softacus shows you in this presentation some of the best practices from real projects with customers from various industries (usually automotive, A&D, medical, rail) using the IBM ELM Platform / DOORS Next Generation.

Jan Jancar
Jan Jancar Softacus AG

Jan Jancar is a Solutions Director at Softacus AG - a Gold IBM Business Partner. He is an experienced Consultant Architect and Manager driving high ROI solutions with a "Can Do" attitude and a track record of success. His expertise extends across diverse industries, including Aerospace, Defense, Banking, Insurance, IT, Public, Distribution, Automotive, and more. Specializing in Requirement Management (Rational Doors NG), Software Modelling (Rational Rhapsody), and Software/System Development and Project Management (Rational Team Concert). Jan offers deep knowledge from solution design to successful deployments.

Andreas Mettauer
Andreas Mettauer Softacus AG